2017 Girl's Schedules

Thank you for attending the 2017 United Cup presented by Charlotte United FC.

We are pleased to present the Schedule & Results for the GIRLS teams participating in the 2017 event - the competition will be outstanding!

Click on the Flight name to view the schedule/results! 

Girls Flights
U9/10 Girls

CSA Hunt. 08 Glaswegians G
CUFC 07 Dundee G
CUFC 08 Munich G
CUFC 08 Stuttgart G

U10 Girls

CUFC 07 Augsburg G
CUFC 07 Cologne/Bremen G
CUFC 07 Reign G
NRUSA 07 Academy G

U11 Girls
Elite Premier Champion
CUFC 06 Arsenal G
CUFC 06 Gold G
DSC 06 Lady Gold
LNSC 06 Breakers G
USA/MP 06 Freedom G
USA/MP 06 Stars G
LNSC 06 Burn G
CUFC 06 Everton G
CUFC 06 Man United G
USA/MP 06 Spirit G
WFC 06 Dortmund G
CUFC 06 Chelsea G
CUFC 06 Liverpool G
DISA 06 Freedom G
LASA 06 United Lady Sparks
U12 Girls
Premier Champion
CSA Hunt. 05 Select G
CUFC 05 Sevilla G
CUFC 05 Villarreal G
LNSC 05 Reign G
CSA Hunt. 05 Blue G
CUFC 05 Barcelona G
CUFC 05 Malaga G
CUFC 05 Valencia G
LNSC SISA 05 Pheonix G
NRUSA 05 Blue G
U13 Girls
Premier Champion
CR 04 White G
CSA North 04 Copa G
CUFC 04 Green G
CUFC 05 Courage G
CUFC 05 Pride G
LNSC 04 Dash G
LNSC 04 Eclipse G
Premier FC 04 G
CSA Hunt. 04 Select G
CUFC 04 Black G
TCYSA 04 Lady Twins Gold
WFC 04 Valencia G
U14 Girls
CUFC 03 Black G
CUFC 03 Green G
CUFC 04 Gold G
DSC 04 Lady Gold
GUSC 03 Blue G
LNSC South 03 Legacy G
TCYSA 03 Lady Twins Grey