Weather Information

Thank you for joining us for the 2017 Under Armour Cup hosted by Charlotte United FC.  Should inclement weather occur, this page will be your source for the latest information.

Inclement Weather

PLEASE NOTE: Frost is being predicted for the Charlotte/Rock Hill areas on Saturday & Sunday mornings. Please check the website and your emails on Friday for information on delays as this will affect all locations. If this is the case, please warm your teams up on the sidelines and DO NOT go on the fields until the all clear has been signaled. Thank you for your cooperation.

All teams must report to their fields and be ready to play regardless of weather conditions unless directed otherwise by the Tournament Director or their representative.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to make the following changes:

  • Relocate and/or reschedule any game or discontinue the tournament.
  • Reduce the scheduled duration of any game with prior notification before the game is started.
  • Cancel any game in the preliminary rounds having no bearing on advancement to the semifinals or finals.
  • No refunds shall be made to teams if all or a portion of the tournament is canceled by the Tournament Director for any reason.

If a match is canceled before play starts or prior to halftime and cannot be completed prior to the start of the next match, each team will be awarded 1 point for a tie. Bonus points will be awarded on the basis of the match score at the time of cancellation.