Boys Schedule/Results

Thank you for attending the 2017 Under Armour Cup presented by Charlotte United FC.

We are pleased to present the Schedule & Results for the Boys teams participating in the 2017 event - the competition will be outstanding!

Click on the Flight name to view the schedule/results!

Boys Flights
9U Boys Elite

Charlote United FC 09 Revolution 
Charlotte United FC 09 Wolfsburg
SCUFC 09 Amber
SCUFC 09 Blue
Triangle United SA 09 Deportivo
USA/MP 09 Galaxy 

9U Boys Premier

Daniel Island SA 09 Sounders
NRUSA 09 Blue
Triangle United SA 09 Valencia 
TUSA 09 Real Madrid
USA/MP 09 Revolution 
USA/MP 09 Union

9U Boys Champion

Charlotte United FC 09 Red Bulls
Mint Hill SC 09 Elite Green
Mint Hill SC Stingers 09/10 Green
New River United SA 09 White
SCUFC 10 Black
SCUFC 10 Blue
SCUFC 10 Red
SCUFC 09 Green
Triangle United SA 09 Sevilla 
USA/MP 09 Fire

10U Boys 7v7 Elite

Carolina SC 08/09 Surf
CUFC Palmetto 08/09 Impact
SCUFC 08 Purple

Twin City YSA 08 Green 
TUSA 08 Arsenal Elite 

10U Boys 7v7 Premier

Charlotte United FC 08 Celtic
Charlotte United FC 08 Hamburg
Charlotte United FC 08 Sao Paulo 
Charlotte United FC 08 St. Pauli
CUFC 08 Leverkusen
CUFC Palmetto 08/09 Fury 
New River United SA 08 Blue
SGCSA 08 REd Flames
SCUFC 08 Green
Triangle United SA 08 Sunderland

10U Boys 7v7 Champion I

Carolina SC 08/09 Aztecs
Charlotte United FC 08 Rangers 
Charlotte United FC 08 Timbers 
CUFC Palmetto 08/09 Union
Mint Hill SC 08 Elite Green
New River United SA 08 White
SCUFC 08 Yellow 
Triangle United SA 08 Man City 
USA/MP 08 Union 

10U Boys 7v7 Champion II

Carolina SC 08/09 Cosmos 
Charlotte United FC 08 Berlin
CUFC Palmetto 08/09 Cosmos
SCUFC 08 Orange
Triangle United SA 08 Liverpool 
USA/MP 08 Dynamo 

11U Boys Elite

Charlotte United FC 07 Gold
Charlotte United FC 07 Metro 
Highland FC 07 Red
USA/MP 07 Galaxy

11U Boys Premier

Charlotte United FC 07 Madrid
Charlotte United FC 07 Sevilla
Highland FC 07 Juniors 
Mint Hill SC 07 Elite Black
Mint Hill SC Stingers 07/08 Black
TUSA 08 Barcelona Elite
USA/MP 07 Revolution
USA/MP 08 Galaxy 

11U Boys Champion

Carolina Rapids 07 Blue
Charlotte United FC 07 Malaga
Charlotte United FC 07 Valencia
New River United SA 07 White
Triangle United SA 07 Juventus
USA/MP 07 Fire
USA/MP 07 Union
Weddington Soccer 07 Silver 

12U Boys 9v9 Elite

Charlotte United FC 06 Arsenal 
Charlotte United FC 06 Gold
Triangle United SA 06 Arsenal
Twin City YSA 06 Green

12U Boys 9v9 Premier

Carolina Rapids 06 Burgundy MLS
Charlotte United FC 06 Everton
Charlotte United FC 06 Man City
CUFC 06 Metro Green
Highland FC 06 Black
Highland FC 06 White

12U Boys 9v9 Champion

Charlotte United FC 06 Swansea
Mint Hill SC 06 Elite Black
One7 06 Academy 
Weddington Soccer 06 White

13U Boys Elite

Carolina Rapids 05 Burgundy 
Charlotte United FC 05 Gold
SC United FC 05 Elite
Twin City YSA 05 Green

13U Boys Premier

Charlotte United FC 05 Green
GCCSA 05 Cobras
Huetamo FC 05/06

One7 05 Academy

13U Boys Champion 

Carolina Rush 05 Blue
Charlote United FC 05 Black
Charlote United FC 05 Silver
Highland FC 05 Black
Mill Tega United SA 05 Blue
Mint Hill SC 05 Elite Green

14U Boys Premier

Carolina Rapids 04 Blue
Carolina Rapids 04 Burgundy
Carolina Rush 04 Silver
Charlotte SA 04 Gazelle
Charlotte United FC 04 Green
Congaree Rapid FC 04 Sky 

14U Boys Champion 

Charlotte SA 04 Samba 
Charlotte United FC 04 Black
Gaston United SC 04 White
New River United SA 04 BRSL
Twin City YSA 04 Blue
Weddington Soccer 04 Silver

14/15U Boys Elite

Charlotte SA 04 Predator
Charlotte United FC 03 Gold
Gaston United SC 03 Blue
USA/MP 03 Challenge 

14/15U Boys Premier

Carolina Rapids 03 Blue USL
Charlotte SA 03 OSL
Charlotte United FC 03 Green
Charlotte United FC 03 Titans
Charlotte United FC 04 Gold
Fort Mill United 03
Knoxville FC 03 Olympiakos
New River United SA 03 White
One7 03 Academy
Twin City YSA 04 Green

16/17U Boys Premier

Atletico Charlotte FC 01
Carolina Premier FC 01 GG
Carolina Rapids 01 Blue
Charlotte United FC 01 Green
Charlotte United FC 02 Green

Open Boys Premier

Charlotte United FC 00 Gold
One7 99 Academy 
SCUFC 99/00 Palmetto II
Weddington Soccer 99 Silver