Reading FC Affiliation


Charlotte United FC is proud of our affiliation with Reading FC of The Championship League in England - the first club in North Carolina to have such an affiliation with a European . Since their affiliation began in 2007, Reading FC and Charlotte United FC have shared efforts on tournaments, training and player development. This relationship has offered and will continue to offer players the opportunity to fulfill their dreams at the highest levels of soccer competition around the world.

The Madjeski Stadium in Reading
Since the relationship initially developed, both Charlotte United and Reading have diligently worked together to provide outstanding soccer opportunities for both organizations.  Some highlights:

Training in Charlotte: During the two world class Charlotte United tournaments - Under Armour Cup (Fall) & Julian Brown Memorial Cup (Spring) - Reading has brought their women's professional team, men's academy teams & several first team players, including Ireland International Noel Hunt, to put on special training clinics for Charlotte United players.

Training United Coaches: Charlotte United has had the opportunity to send coaches to Reading to train and learn from one of the top academy programs in England.  These learning's are then applied to Charlotte United training sessions to positively influence our players.

Tournament Participation: Reading has sent youth academy teams and their women's first team to participate in Charlotte United tournaments, headlining International Showcase flights.

Player Development in England: As part of the relationship, Charlotte United has had an opportunity to send a number of players to train with Reading's academy.  This special opportunity goes to players with the right level of skill and longevity with Charlotte United.  All players upon return have been amazed at the quality and focus of Reading players.

Helping in Tough Situations: In 2010, a Reading Academy team and it's coaching/training staff were stuck in Charlotte for a week longer than planned due to volcanic ash closing most European airports.  The outpouring of support from the Charlotte United family and greater Charlotte community was astounding. 

"On behalf of the Reading FC Academy I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Charlotte community.

As you may be aware we had a very successful week in Charlotte and loved our time in your beautiful state. Unfortunately like many others we have become victims of the Icelandic Volcano and have become stranded in Charlotte.

At first we were very unsure and worried due to the uniqueness of the situation. We felt vulnerable. Little did we know about the Charlotte Community. Whatever human spirit is about, the good people of Charlotte have shown it to us over the last few days.

Every now and then things happen for a reason. We will never forget the outpouring of kindness that you have shown us. We are relative strangers to you all, yet still the love in your hearts has shone through brighter than the sunshine in your State. We are overwhelmed and humbled, truly, by your humanity. We have been inundated with offers of help.

Thank you.

There are so many problems in the world and we hear relentlessly about human acts of malevolence to each other. What you don’t hear about is people joining together for no other reason than compassion for fellow man.

Charlotte you are wonderful!

Charlotte we love you!

My old manager at West Ham John Lyall, who has sadly passed away, used to say “it’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice”.

Charlotte you are so very nice.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Eamonn Dolan
Academy Manager
Reading FC